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Nowadays, people are quite daunted with the shower of too much features on their disk burning programs. There is too much to uncover, too much clutter and at the end of the day, we still cannot say if they are proper programs that offer actual useful additions. Cyberlink seems to have heard your cry for help. If you feel that Nero is too much, then you will be happy to know that Power2Go has streamlined it’s add ons or tools and as a consequence, the functionality was more than gratifying. The goal of this program is not to overwhelm you with tools that are not really that useful at the end of the day. You can enjoy everything that you NEED.

Power2Go offers functionality to incorporate burning features to regular DVD and CD, HD disks and BluRay. Now, you have the choice to burn data, create video and audio disks, and there are added features for copying disks and conversion of audio files. It is truly a program that works and not just for flash. Compared to other programs that incorporate other features like photo editing tools and disk label makers, this one was spared from that aspect. If you already have a proper editing tool like Photoshop and Illustrator, why bother? The goal is not only to remove those unnecessary clutter, it also allows you to make use of your disk space  a lot better and make the program run faster.

The menu is very intuitive and easy on the eyes. Here, you can choose the task that you wish to use and get them without pesky loading times. Seriously, burning disks take time already; we do not want to spend another minute or two just to get the features that we need. For a regular person, this works really well as it is because it allows them to utilize the features and enjoy what you need to do. Burning data or other files is also nice. You can see the progress and information that is happening throughout the process. The real test is in the quality of the disks created and experts have agreed when they tested the program that there is no significant lag or problems.

Well, no one can blame if a lot of people feel that they are not getting the most value from Power2Go. This is simply because people have already been used to the tons of features that other popular programs have offered on their end. Nonetheless, this program costs a lot cheaper but it knows whom to target. It effectively scores too many from the mid-range market and this is because the program does not assume to be a media suite or an all in one creator and burning program. It is simply a burning program that works well with other applications on your computer and produces great work.

It seems like Cyberlink has a clear winner when it comes to basic, yet intuitive data and media burning software. It is highly recommended to try it out and if you are on a budget and want good results, this offers all that you need.

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