>How to Password Protect a CD

If you want to know How to Password Protect a CD this can be extremely important in if you are handling sensitive data such as confidential files and other documents by password protecting your CD you can ensure that the data is secure when being handled. The best way to password protect a CD is to use software called Cyberlink Power2Go this software gives you the option to password protect a cd when you are burning data and it utilizes state of the art military grade encryption to be sure the data on the CD is protected.

How to Password Protect a CDIn this tutorial I will show you How to Password Protect a CD to ensure that all the data you want to keep protected is kept protected, this is ideal if you travel a lot or need to send a CD through the postal service – and it’s also peace of mind if you travel and you carry your CD’s and laptop with you so ensuring you’re data on CD’s is protected is of paramount importance how many times a year do you hear about government officials misplacing CD’s containing databases, don’t let your company or your data be the next victim of this ensure you’re protected by learning how to password protect a CD.

Requirements: How to Password Protect a CD on Windows

Before I give a tutorial on how to password protect a CD there are a few requirements you will need before you are able to password protect a CD, if you have all of the below then you can skip this bit, if you don’t then I’ve provided a link to where you can get them.

Most modern systems (2005+) should have the hardware required, if you do not have the software simply click here to purchase it this can be done online in minutes and then proceed to the tutorial on how to password protect a CD below.

How to Password Protect a CD

To get started make sure CyberLink Power2Go is installed, once it is then you simply need to open the software and proceed to the data burning section, when you go to add all your files and in the options it will ask you if you want to encrypt and password the CD, enable this option and once its enabled you can simply enter your password and your CD can become protected. Hopefully this tutorial has been of use and you successfully know How to Password Protect a CD.

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