>How to burn Music

If you want to burn a Music CD it is relatively simple, in this tutorial I will be burning a Music CD using the easy to use Power2Go v6 software. To burn a music CD you will need the following

If you have all of the above we are ready to begin burning your music to a CD

Begin by opening Power2Go from your Start Menu or Desktop Shortcut.

Once the program is open you should should see a similar screen below, the Welcome Screen should be open giving you a menu of options.

Burn Music CD

To begin to burn a Music CD proceed to click the second option in the menu, this is the icon with the music symbol next to it, it has been highlighted in the figure below to show you the exact option you want to click

Burn an Album

As you will see you are presented with 5 options to chose from, for a basic Audio CD that will play in CD players, DVD Players you want to click the “Audio CD” option – As shown in the screenshot below.

Music CD Burning

Once you click the Audio CD option, a new window will appear with a list of Media to chose from, this window will allow you to select whole albums by using the navigation menu on the left hand side, or artists or genre – But for now to keep things simple we will be “Dragging and Dropping” the music we want to burn.

Music Album Select

Now you must open the folder with your music in, either from Windows itself or from inside the program. We recommend simply dragging and dropping your music from another Window, see the screenshot below this will add the music you select into the program.

Burn CD

Simply drag and drop your music into the bottom half of Power2Go program, this will your desired music into CD burning program. If you look at the screenshot below – You will see the music files added below.

Add the Music to the CD

Burn NowOnce you have added all of the files that you want to burn to the Music CD simply click the “Burn now” button below, this will burn the music you have added to the blank CD Drive.

You have successfully burnt your first Audio CD using Power2Go, if you want to learn how to burn other types of data you can do so using the menu on the left.

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