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To burn data such as documents and files onto a CD you will first need software for burning, I suggest you check out our Top 10 CD Burning Software for this tutorial we will be using the software Cyberlink Power2Go.

Depending on the amount of data you want to burn you will need either a CD or DVD

CD = 700MB of Data Storage

DVD = 3.2 GB of Data Storage

Burning Documents and Data is a relatively simple process when using the Power2Go Burning Software, in this tutorial we will be using this software due to its popularity and because its in 1st place in our Top 10 CD Burning Software comparison, and is very easy to use.

What you will need to burn a Data CD

  • Blank Optical Media such as a CD or DVD
  • A computer with a CD-RW / DVD-RW Drive
  • Cyberlink Power2Go Disk Burning Software

If you have all of those we are good to start burning data! Proceed by opening the Cyberlink Power2Go software, if you have not purchused this software yet please do so by clicking here once purchused you can download and install it.

Open the Cyberlink Power2Go Software, you can do this by clicking the shortcut link on your Desktop, or by going through your start menu and opening it from All-Programs.

Once opened you should be seeing this screen below

Burning Documents to CD

Depending on your Optical Media you will want to chose either the CD Option or the DVD Option, for this tutorial we will be proceeding as if we had a DVD. (If you have a CD click the CD option it’s exactly the same)

Once you have made your selection a new prompt should appear, asking you to start adding data files to your disk, this can be done easily by using the inbuilt interface on the left, or you can simply drag and drop your files from a Window.

How to burn a Data CD

Burning Documents to CDNow you have drag and dropped your data from a folder into the data area all you need to do now is start the CD Burning process by clicking “Burn Now” that is on the right hand corner of the program.

Once you press the burn now button you will be presented with some more options, for now you only need to click the “Burn” button to start the process, you should see the data burning like in the screenshot below.

Data Burning

Wait for that to complete burning, and once it has you will see a prompt saying “Completed succesfully” this means your data has been burnt to CD or DVD, congradulations!

Data Burning Complete

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