>How to burn a CD on a laptop

How to burn a CD on a laptopBurning a CD or DVD on a laptop is very similar to that of a computer, but the CD/DVD Drives are often not writable drives (RW) you can check by looking at your CD/DVD Drive it should have a RW label on it, if it does then your laptop is ready to burn Cd’s and DVDs.

If you don’t have a CD-RW/DVD-RW Drive don’t be alarmed because most laptops CD Drive will be able to be updated without having to buy a brand new laptop, but you have to check with the manufacture of your laptop in case.

We have created many online tutorials to help you burn certain data types such as Video and Music, the links to these are below and you can find all the types you need below.

Select from the Options below on what type of data you want to burn

How to burn Music
How to burn Data
How to burn Blu-Ray
How to burn ISO Image
How to burn AVI to DVD

If you are looking for software for your Laptop for Burning CD’s and DVD’s you should visit our Top 10 CD Burning Software were we have compared all of the top brands of software and put it in an easy to understand Top 10 List for burning products.

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